Thursday, August 12, 2010

DAY 12

The house was loud last night, the Smaller One came from from camp.

Ha! Camp?! I'll show him camp. Did he spend 17 nights in a soggy warren under Saigon? Did he hole up with Yasgur's rabbits trying to get a cartload of Indonesian operatives to the Canadian border with nothing to eat but the dropped tabs of brown acid? No and no, sir. Kids today...

So it was looking for awhile like I was going to strike a deal over next season's haul of carrots. The fires in Russia are affecting more than wheat so the bidding war was happening all by itself until the Earth's Best guys heard on NPR that the Australian carrot crop was abundant and that fears of a shortage were completely unfounded and pulled out. Damn You Neil Conan! The revenues from that sale were going to fund my Eat, Pray, Love trip next year too. I'm totally bummed.

Bettina's coming over later, she just got Madden 11 so we're gonna check that out.

DON'T FORGET: Send Sector 3 Guinea Pigs Edible Arrangements by Saturday for winning the door decorating contest...send something door-like. They'll love that.

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