Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night's details are a little fuzzy. I had Tilly over for her post-spay fete along with some of the gang. She and I had a "thing" back in '07 when we were both is Barcelona and I knew she needed some cheering up. Plus - I was hoping she still had some pain killers left from the surgery (RESULT! - she did). Tilly post-spay is SO much more fun than I remember! The poor kid had dropped 6 litters a year for 3 years and I think she just wants to let loose now. I did what I could to oblige.

The last thing I remember is the DJ asking me if I really wanted "Walk the Dinosaur" played 17 times.


(I think it was Gordy that requested it, that dude is a geek for Was (Not Was)). I was finishing my fourth Glenlivit as I told him that under no circumstances were those Detroit-beat-poet-freaks going to be played when everything got blurry and then dark.

This morning the Disco Globe/Carrot Juice Fountain was smashed on the carpet and my Roy Orbison action figure collection is missing. I'm mostly pissed about the Globe Fountain. It was a custom job out of Brisbane and man, you could spike that shit with anything.

I'm just gonna lay low today and see if I can get this place cleaned up. The Lady came through yesterday with a vaccuum which was more unpleasant than I can describe so I think I'll get the guinea pigs up from Sector 13 with some dust pans and a mop or two, shouldn't take long.


  1. I am so totally using this for a track in my STEP classes.

  2. I assume you mean the song and not a dramatic reading of my diary.