Friday, August 6, 2010


What is it with this heat?? Don't get me wrong, getting out of the shelter was great and I have a pretty sweet setup here in Galloway but it's so frickin' hot! I couldn't do much last night beside lay out and try not to move. I cancelled all my meetings yesterday afternoon and I sent Heath to teach my Krav Maga class for me. I'm thinking of handing that off to him permanently anyway, he's the Israeli Special Forces guy, not me.

Tilly's e-mail today really threw me, I gotta find out what happened at that party! She's so much more relaxed that when we met. I remember her being scared by all the noise at the Primavera Sound Festival that year, she really shouldn't have gotten  that close to the stage. I got her out of there and took her down to Old Harbor before we went back to my place. I think that summer I had a little hole under the Picasso Museum. I remember it was near the train station which made communication a breeze since Cupcake was in Madrid working on the El Prado job. I'll give it a few days and call her I guess.

On today's agenda:

Meeting with the carrot mine inspectors those Upper Big Branch hacks ruined it for the rest of us.
  • Tell Heath to turn the carotene sensors back on.
  • Double Alfalfa treats in the breakroom to keep the Guinea Pigs happy.
  • Call Gerber and Earth's Best, create artificial shortage of carrots, start bidding war over next months supply.
Destroy the plastic dinosaur The Lady put in my cage last night.

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