Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 154

Can I even describe the joys of "Hallway Time"? Not really but I can try.

It's like a 3 day pass but I didn't have to haul Private Ryan out of a ditch to earn one. No! It's like a Disney Park Hopper Pass only it's full of ankles and my blue ball and the little garbage can in the bathroom just waiting to be tipped over. And what makes this miracle possible? I'd said before that leaving the cage wasn't safe, all the assassins and whatnot but the Ferrets swept the block for me and cleaned out some "problem areas" and then the Guinea Pigs from sector 18 upgraded the security system over 6 long nights while The Family was asleep. Laser beams and pressure sensors and 24 hour surveillance can buy you a lot of freedom.

I caught hell again this weekend. The Lady stumbled in from New Year's Eve (with a frekin' HORN) saying something about how everything at bunny level in the hallway and bathroom looked like I thrown a rave. Which is SO not true. The weekend before I threw a rave and hoo boy, that was epic! This weekend I threw an Ultimate Fighting Exhibition match between Chris and Pat http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/13797622 from engineering. The proceeds from the 50/50 tickets went to upgrade the breakroom kitchens in the mines and Bettina http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16791652 donated back her half of the winnings which means we can spring for the granite countertops.

So we had the thing and the cleaning crew was gonna get it all straight in the morning, I figured since it was the holiday they could sleep in but the Lady got home first and I ended up back in the cage.

Totally worth it though.

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