Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 185

Year of the Rabbit Bitches!!

I spent most of today putting out fires.

Heath set fire to his fur like 6 times trying to light off firecrackers and we had to keep dousing him with water. The whole lobby smells like burnt fur but the fircrackers were a nice morale booster. The gang was pretty low when I told them that "The Year of the Rabbit" was NOT going to be the kickoff to the Great Bunny Insurrection. Seriously, how cliched is that? I actually caught Bettina sharpening carrots. I think she thought they'd be used as spears. Such a disappointing failure of imagination (Chris and Pat's High Pressured Pureed Carrot Canon is obviously the better choice).

New Year Resolutions:
1. Manage to my KPI's and meet updated sales goals
2. Stop pooping in my food bowl.
3. Double the Guinea Pig workforce in Sector 81 to focus on Baylor's reseach on Genetically Modified Calcium Enhanced Carrot production.

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