Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 478

Alejandro Fluffy Caramel Swenson died on October 4, 2011.

All signs point to his death occurring while he was trying to climb into and tip over the garbage can (again). There has been serious discussions in the house as to whether we should continue releasing sections of his diary. While there could be no new entries, we uncovered some early writings which could explain the autocratic, erratic and completely amazing behavior of our pet bunny.

Dear Bunbun,

We made the best home for you that we could and you used it to live a good life. We miss your crazy hallway runs and how you beg for treats and sit in our shoes. We have considered getting another Bun one day though there's no way a new Bun would be as cool as you.

But the Guinea Pigs need leadership and the Carrot Mines don't sell The Small One is lonely.

With love,

The Lady, The Tall One, The Small One and The New Guy

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